Here are a number of Frequently Asked Questions that the staff at Ew Pawlack Tile would love to answer for you! If you have other questions, please give us a call today.

What is porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are tiles that have a very low absorption ratio, usually .5% or less. They can be used for flooring interior or exterior and are also suitable for most wall applications. Porcelains have a high durability factor; they are stain resistant and usually frost resistant. Porcelain tiles can be either a “thru body” or a glazed product depending on the method of manufacturing. They are commonly used in residential homes, commercial buildings and swimming pools. Porcelain tiles should be installed using a modified thinset adhesive, such as “Customs Versabond”, “Laticrete Gold 305” or equivalent. As with any flooring or wall material, we highly recommend purchasing extra to be stored in case of emergency. If you have to match a tile a few years later it may be impossible to locate.

What is a wall tile and why can’t I use it on the floor?

Wall tiles are usually a softer ceramic that cannot be used on the floor, because of softer clays and glazing. They cannot withstand the high usage that a porcelain tile can. Also, the types of clays that are available in a certain area contribute to the type of tile that is produced and the overall color and firing method. Many decorative tiles are made in ceramic bisque because they are intended for wall usage only, especially those with an embossing “raised design.”

Can Ed Pawlack Tile match a tile I bought a few years ago somewhere else?

Possibly we can, but more than likely the dye lot has changed and possibly the calibration too. ‘Dye lot” is the color shading and calibration is the size of the tile. Matching an existing tile is sometimes possible depending on the popularity of the tile. There are several tile series that have been around for many years, but some series may only last a few months. So bring in a piece and we will try to match it.

What do I use to cut tile and is the machine expensive?

Most tiles can be cut with a “Scoring Cutter”, similar to a glasscutter. It puts a deep scratch thru the surface of the tile, then pressure is applied to the sides of the tile and the tile will snap on the line. Some tiles, especially ones with deep grooves, will require the use of a tile saw you can purchase. There are many different styles and price levels of Scoring Cutters and Tile Saws here at Ed Pawlack Tile. If a tile saw is not on the budget, you can also rent tile saws at many tool rental shops.

Someone said I need 10 boxes of tile.

Each manufacturer puts different amounts of tile per box, if you have the square footage the salesperson can calculate how many boxes you will need.

I think I need 100 tiles for my room.

Tile comes in all different sizes. If the tile you picked comes in exactly 12” x 12” then you will need 100 square feet of tile. If the tile is a different size then the quantity of pieces may vary “a 13×13 tile would only be 86 pieces which would be 100.62 square feet.”

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