As the 2010s progress, there have been some great struggles along with the unknowingness of what the future held for us. Business sales were down 59% from previous years. 2010-2012 were by far the most devastating, but by 2013 and 2014 the business had started to make modest increases, hopefully a sign of things to come.

There were many changes made to survive, learning to tighten the belt at every turn. Employees have had to learn to do more than one position and become more efficient in every aspect. Some months we barely broke even if at all, it had been difficult but we survived!

We lost a great number of employees, especially our Bookkeeper Carol B. who lost the fight with Cancer in 2014. More than an employee, a friend, family – She will always be greatly missed!

In the middle of the decade, the business started to expand again with the addition of two previous employees that returned. The original concept of showing great quality and innovative styles has not changed but grown stronger with the arrival of many new Fine Italian products and Magnificent American made products. Go USA!!!

With the partnering of Great customers, dedicated sales people, competitive pricing and a long history in the industry, we will be your one stop shop for all you hard surface needs.

In closing we would like to thank all of our loyal customers who stood by us during times of need and all the new friendships we have made on this journey.