In 1950, Ed’s parents moved the growing family to East Los Angeles, close to Montebello on Findlay Ave., between Whittier and Beverly Blvd. At that time, the company name was changed to Belverde Tile. The company worked on tract homes and storefronts as far away as Pomona, La Habra and Riverside. Many of the tile fronts can still be seen today along Atlantic and Whittier Blvd.

Tony, at the age of 55 and Cora at 42 years young had their last addition to the Pawlack family when Antonia “Cookie” was born Oct. 8, 1952. During this period in Ed’s life, due to his mother having two teenagers, twins and a new baby, his parents sent him to live in Avalon, Catalina Island with his Aunt Viola for the next nine summers. This gave Ed a love for Catalina Island and all the beautiful classic “Catalina Tiles” on the island.

Ed’s life long passion for the tile industry started on the “Island of Tile” in the early 50′s. To this day, Ed’s entire family has a passion for Catalina. During the late 50′s, jobs became scarcer and the tile business slowed down due to the more laminates, Formica, plastics, and metal tiles entering the market.